Netflix viewing habits of you talk about your love life

The Daily Dot Valentine’s Day is just a few more weeks, and whether you are up plan an elaborate day long with your lover or a solo night of celebrating the single life, you are likely to end your evening with Netflix rolled. The online service certainly has a lot of options romantic view, but have you ever wondered what your tastes and habits watch Netflix talk about your love life

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Netflix has just published a study new research detailing how couples use the site and how tastes can be a reflection of the relationship between happiness, Complex report. The company has conducted his research by asking users how their viewing habits affect their relationship, and as a result may ring true for many enthusiasts streaming .

The study showed that 25 percent more users are attracted to potential partners if they like their taste in television. If your profile shows your love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Office House of Cards or Breaking Bad , you will be especially fortunate to attract attention on Netflix

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clear, many people have found this strategy users-58 percent import more shows and movies to their particular profile appear more attractive to people other eligible singles.

and once you’ve landed your dream bingeing your friends? Prepare to engage in some serious discussion. Sixty-five percent of the couples watch Netflix negotiations which shows they will be exposed to it, while 35 percent compromise trade-off. As for sharing the account password covet? Fifty-one percent of users see that step as a sign of serious commitment. But some users (17 percent) want a ring on it before sharing their coveted password.

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Think Netflix it is scary that such attention to how couples and singles use their services? Maybe, but it’s not a shock, Netflix has a long track everything on the viewing habits of their members’. Last fall, for example, the site published data demonstrate how early viewing is connected to the program as worthy subjects Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother . Events like this can be fun to pull out at the cocktail party, but they also serve an important purpose for Netflix, a site that many decisions based program and its acquisition on analysis . So, do not expect these studies to an end any time soon.

So if you’re planning to invite that hottie from dry fire through Netflix and Chill This Valentine’s Day, do not be surprised if your interest in your day changes immediately after they peeked list your continued monitoring.

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